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Food Oil Monitor&nbsp;- TPM &amp; Temperature measurement device<br>Determine the quality of your frying oil easily, quickly and reliably with the VITO FOM 330 Food Oil Monitor. <span>By Measuring the so-called “<i>Total Polar Material</i>” (TPM) content in the oil, the VITO FOM 330 shows the value as an accurate percentage.</span> The visible alarm via the coloured top light makes it even easier to evaluate the quality of the oil quickly for all staff, using the familiar “traffic light system”. So you always know exactly when to change your oil. The FOM 330 also keeps the operator’s hand from direct exposure to hot oil. To optimize the benefits of the FOM 330, use it in conjunction with VITO® oil filter system.<br>All benefits at a glance:<br><ul><li>Ø Measure the quality and temperature of your oil Ø</li><li>Change your oil only when necessary – saving money</li><li>Fast, easy and reliable measuring results&nbsp;</li><li> Supports recording HACCP quality standards</li><li>Ergonomic and sturdy design for long life Ø&nbsp;</li><li>High degree protection (IP67) Ø</li><li><span>Clear alarms via top alarm light using the traffic light principle for labour savings<br></span></li></ul>Measuring rang - &nbsp;+50° C…200° C &nbsp;0%....40% TPM<br>Accuracy - ± 1° C / °F ± 2% TPM<br><span>Measured variables – Temperature TPM (total polar materials)<br></span><span>IP Rating – IP 67 (high degree protection)<br></span>Battery – 3 V Lithium (CR2477)<br>Dimensions – 304 x 54 x 22 mm<br><span>Weight – approx. 200 g<br></span>Certificate – Factory calibration certificate

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